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Climate Hope Survey

Teacher Participation due by October 31st

Those who submit are entered in a drawing for a free Winter Conference Registration!! 

Teacher Survey Link CLICK HERE

About: Many children nowadays feel uncertain about their future and have concern for how environmental issues are impacting their lives. Research has shown that how we teach students about these issues impacts their ability to take action. This study’s main purpose is to look at children’s climate change emotions to understand how we can better educate children to feel hopeful and empowered to take action for their future. This study also asks about teachers’ responses to climate change. The goal is not to evaluate teachers but to better understand student experiences. 

Who it is for: the study is for middle school teachers and their students in Ohio schools. Your school can be either public or private, but programs such as outdoor education camps do not fit the goals of this study.

What it consists of: the study consists of two short online surveys: a survey for the teachers at your school and one for your students. Both take approximately 10 minutes.This project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the College of Wooster.

How your participation will help: With children’s growing awareness of climate change’s impacts on their lives, knowing how to support their emotional responses and activism is important to their well-being. However, the practical steps to doing so in the classroom are not well understood. This study will inform future Environmental Education practices, may be used in future publications, and will be used in an undergraduate study.

Benefits: In thanks for your participation, you can elect to receive a virtual packet with guidelines, resources, and recommendations for how to talk to your students about climate change in a way that increases their hope and resilience. This information will be based on the study and published research, and sent out in early spring 2021.

To participate:

  1. Send students’ parents/guardians this consent form to an easy online consent form (no printing & scanning required) and ask them to fill it out while their child is near. Once the form is completed it will automatically redirect them to the student survey. Once it redirects, have parents ask their student to take the 10-minute survey.

  2. In case parents do not immediately have their child fill out the survey, here is a backup link to the Student Survey. Please only give this to parents/students who you know have filled out the consent form.

  3. Then, take the Teacher Survey yourself, and if you are comfortable, send it to other middle school teachers in your school asking them to take it as well.

  4. Follow up with teachers at your school about taking the Teacher Survey if needed.

**Steps 1-4 must be completed no later than October 25th.

Please feel free to reach out to Cambry Baker at cbaker21@wooster.edu with any questions or concerns regarding the study. Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in this research!

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