STUDENT STEM environmental CAREERs


Do you care about the planet?

Are you looking for environmental career connections?

Do you want to know about the specialized training and skills needed for these careers?

Do you want to see how what you are learning is connected to real world jobs?

Ohio Environmental Career Ambassadors are ready to help!

These environmental professionals can:

  • Give you great information about specific jobs and careers.
  • Provide shadowing opportunities and internships.
  • Mentor you as you select a career and plan what to do after high school.


Choose a job that fits your educational needs and interests – from a HS diploma to advanced training (could be a professional certificate or a two/four year college degree or post-graduate work).  Fields include:

*Air Quality

*Environmental Health and Safety


*Green energy

*Water Quality

*Recreation and Parks

*Fish and Wildlife


*Soil Quality

*Sustainable Development


To connect with an environmental professional contact the EECO Director at 

Useful Links: 

Students who are looking for a career in Science and Research here is a great site:

Program sponsored by

Environmental Education Council of Ohio 

Ohio EPA, Office of Environmental Education

The Ohio State School of Environment and Natural Resources




Students reviewing training materials
Instructor and students from a session.
Graduates with certificates

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