Call For Proposals 

Environmental Education For The World We  IMAGINE

EECO's Annual Conference

April 13-16, 2023 

Deer Creek Lodge & Conference Center

22300 State Park Road 20, Mt Sterling, OH 43143

(740) 869-2020

Guidelines for Session Proposals

Title of Presentation:  

Please limit to 9 words or less

Types of Presentation:

  • 3 Hour Workshop (Friday only) 
  • 6 Hour Workshop (Friday only)   
  • 1 Hour Session (Saturday only)

Summary of Presentation:  

Please limit description to 30 words

Anticipated Audience for Session:

  • Business, Industry and Trade Associations
  • Education and Community-based Organizations Environmental
  • Education and Outdoor Education Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Higher Education
  • Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary Education

Location of Session:

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Both Indoors and Outdoors

Conference Strands

Natural History: Ohio’s Natural History: Presentations can span different disciplines that cover Ohio rivers and waterways, animals, fungi and plants interacting with their natural environment and each other, Native Americans and Nature, and native flora and fauna. 

Technology in Careers & Nature: Presentations focus on programs and projects that implement the use of technology and other STEAM disciplines in nature and encourage students to pursue environmental career paths and the resources available to make connections to existing and future careers. 

Strategic Growth for Organizations: Presentations should focus on strengthening, improving and sustaining organizations including: funding, staff, volunteers, and program development. What works for your organization and how can that be translated to others?

Populations, Climate, and Outdoor Education:  Presentations exemplify opportunities that use the outdoor classroom as a teaching tool to learn more about the connections between climate change and human/nonhuman population trends.

Inclusive World of EE in the Outdoors: Presentations should focus on EE opportunities that encourage diversity of race, age, ability, and more.

As a presenter at the EECO conference, please make every effort to present factual and non-biased information and opinions through your program, as this is a core mission of EECO. Once a proposal has been accepted and confirmed, a $25 discount may be applied to the presenter’s full conference registration fee.

The Call for Proposals is still open for a limited time. 

Please make sure to read and complete ALL parts of the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
(The proposal form includes: title of presentation, type of presentation, summary of presentation, session description, conference strand, anticipated audience, and location of session)

You should receive a confirmation email by January 9, 2023.

Proposal Application (google form) 
Proposal Application pdf

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