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Climate Hope Action Plan Session

  • 26 Apr 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Virtual

EECO is partnering with Trevor Decker Cohen, Author and Environmental Journalist to offer an ACTION session on Climate Hope.  Trevor Decker Cohen is an educator who travels the country to chronicle a renaissance in community-centered climate solutions. He is the co-author of  Bright Green Future.


We will spend part of time listening to Trevor's insights on creating climate solutions that can empower students and educators, and part of the time in small groups brainstorming action steps and plans for various regions of Ohio.  We realize that the climate crisis topic can cause anxiety in students of all ages, which makes it all the more important to listen to the experts, the educators and the students.  We will work to find common ground and digestible ways of presenting the information to students.  We want to empower students of all ages and create an action plan that we can share far and wide.  

Join us on Tuesday, April 26th at 7pm for the second session of the Climate Hope Sessions.   A zoom link will be sent to all registrants before the listening session. 

The previous Climate Hope Session can be seen here

Tentative Agenda:

7:00pm      Welcome and Introduction of Trevor - and Trevor's presentation 

7:35pm      Break out into small groups to discuss action plans- 

                    A. What can we do regionally to help students and educators feel more empowered to take action on climate change issues?

                    B. What can EECO and other state partners do to help educators create action plans? What resources are needed?

8:10pm       Report back - Aha moments?  Next steps? 

8:30 pm      Have a great rest of your evening! 

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