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Citizen Science Highlight

21 Nov 2019 10:47 AM | Ann Drake (Administrator)

Citizen Science Highlight

Citizen science is a way for everyone to contribute in a meaningful way to "professional scientists." It's a great way for students to realize they can make a difference and contribute to the scientific community!

Nature's Notebook: Nature's Notebook is a national phenology program in which professional and volunteer scientists record long-term observations of plant and animal life stages. Observing phenology through Nature's Notebook offers place-based, hands-on learning opportunities provides a collaborative platform for site-based educators, promotes cross-subject engagement while addressing standards of learning, and can be used to identify and answer local scientific research questions addressed by many natural resources, volunteer, and gardening groups. Plus there are already plenty of resources to help educators incorporate activities at all grade levels on their website. Get your classroom involved by checking out their website

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